Welcome to the family website of Ian & Minna Leiman.
We live in the city of Espoo in Finland.

Previously in this web address (www.leiman.fi) we had a single blog implemented with WordPress, which Ian set up in 2010. In November 2012 a hacker intruded the system an broke it badly. As a result we started a massive clean-up and remodeling of the site, and it is now quite different from the original one. A lot of effort has been put into securing the system against hackers and intruders, and after 6 months of being on-line with the new security measures, no intrusion attempt has yet succeeded. The logs show that there have in fact been thousands of attempts to crack this system.

Now the web pages have been divided into many parts, where some are public, and some private only for our friends or family.

There are currently following public blogs that have been built from previous older content, but may still need some fixing (obsolete links etc), but here you will find some older content that we used to have in a single blog:

You can contact us by using this form.